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    Ganyue is high-tech, new energy and new material company which mainly produces photovoltaic glass and constructed to support the photovoltaic industry in Jiangxi. It covered an area of 250 acres and the total investment of 600 million RMB. Company owns a furnace with the 850 T/D melting capacity and its complement further processing production line. The main products are high quality annealed solar glass, tempered pattern glass,and anti-reflective coating tempered pattern glass.

    We maintain a stable and reliable quality assurance system,and detect the tempered and AR Coating production line wholly and strictly. Company owns a powerful professional research and development top team who are insisting on innovation, and introduces fully automated professional production equipment. Our advanced equipments and excellent technology ensure our products quality.

    After the expansion of furnace in 2018,GanYue glass has been upgraded from mainstream glass of thickness at 3.2mm to to the thin and transparent 1.6mm/2.0mm, which is higher than the industry standard. With the rapid development of big size battery, the size of solar module become big, and they require big size photovoltaic glass to cover. Our second phase of glass totally meet with 182 mm/210mm large size battery modules demand. So for the development of company and the huge demands of market,The company plans to reinvest 5 billion yuan to build a new production line with the capacity 4800t/d of ultra-white and thinner solar glass. Construction has already begun. It is expected to start production in 2022 and 2023.

    GanYue company is developing with "Honesty First , Quality First,and Service Best" business spirit,Base Ourselves upon China,and Walk up to The World” . We strive to build GanYue super white photovoltaic glass brand and delicated to offer excellent products and reliable after-sales services to customers. creating a better future with customers all over the world.



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